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Selecting an appropriate broker holds pivotal importance in a trader's successful journey. A trading platform or broker with the required amenities and digital infrastructure enables traders and investors to implement their trading strategies successfully. Moreover, traders can efficiently adapt to market changes and reformulate their trading strategies.

As a trading platform, we intend to facilitate a regulated trading paradigm, enabling our valued clients to conduct in-depth technical and fundamental analyses and to trade efficiently. Hence, we have embarked our journey with gradual but consistent optimization, making our framework more trader-oriented.

Our Range of Services

As a trading platform, we intend to make our customers' experiences prolific and lucrative. To accomplish our determination, we provide our valued customers the option to trade in several markets and segments. With the same, there is a higher likelihood of a successful trading experience.

What can you Trade ?

With Spectra Global, You can trade on major markets across 4 assets classes including FX, Indices, Shares, Spot Metals and CFDs


Trade 40 currency pairs including major, minor and crosses with ultra-low spreads and immediate execution

Trade on Metals (Gold, Silver & Copper) and Energy (Crude, Brent & Natural gas)


Take position over 65+ shares across UK, US and European markets on popular shares including Amazon, Boeing, Facebook and Netflix


Trade on basket of top shares representing the performance of a country’s economy


It is a market that allows traders and investors to place their trades in respective currencies using a specific currency pair. We offer more than 40 currencies for trading to our valued clients. They can pair either of them to execute their forex trading strategy. In a currency pair, the base currency is the one which is being compared, and the quote currency is the parameter of comparison. Traders and investors place their trades in this market, speculating on the bullish or bearish behavior of one currency relative to the other.


Stocks or equities provide a trader with the marginal ownership of a corporation or enterprise. The plethora of more than 65 shares in our panel enables you to diversify your trading portfolio. Stocks, being the least complicated financial assets, are most traded in the market. You may go for long-term, short-term or intraday trading, implementing your bullish or bearish trading strategies. Our advanced and leveled-up panel facilitates you with a seamless stock trading experience.


These are derivatives that derive their value from the underlying asset. With the options like gold, silver, copper, energy, etc. our clients can implement their trading strategies successfully. Futures traders and investors agree to buy or sell at specified prices, lot sizes and predetermined dates. You can trade with Futures in exchanges like NYMEX, CBOT, CME, etc.


These financial instruments represent the performance of a whole market or a substantial section of a market. Some of the most traded indices are stocks, bonds, and commodities. You can efficiently place your trades in distinct indices through Spectraglobal trading.


Options are derivatives that require two traders to agree on buying or selling at a predetermined price, lot size, and date. However, traders can buy, sell, or maybe be obliged at the expiration, depending on the type of option trade they choose.


Contract for difference or CFDs are derivatives that allow traders and investors to speculate on an increase or decrease in underlying asset prices. We are one of the best platforms for Online CFD trading in UAE.

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Trading platform, unlimited opportunities

Spectra Global Platform
Spectra Global Platform


MetaTrader 5 is an advanced version of the widely used MT4 platform with several improvements and additional features.

Suitable for experienced traders

Sophisticated order management tools

Introducing more native technical indicators

Easy to configure and customize your trading setup

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